About us.

Marcel Beer initially started building Cajon’s in his living room about a decade ago. Two years later he moved his activities to the the basement of his favorite bar on courtesy of the owner. It was there where he developed his skills and craftsmanship.

Our goal is your playing pleasure!

It took many years of experimenting to find the sound, feel and design he was looking for. With a great passion for percussion he made many Cajon’s for professional percussionists. In this way he met performing artist Jos Netto who shared the same passion, the passion for making new instruments, and they decided to collaborate.

Throughout time they invented an developed several instruments such as the Lap Drum and the Lap Bull. Beer Percussion is located in Voerendaal (the Netherlands) where instruments are made in a small but well equipped workshop.

Quality and playing pleasure are the driving force behind the wooden creations of Beer Percussion for perfect expression of rhythm, feel and sound.

Try them out yourself! You are always welcome to pay us a visit.