- Want to take your percussion experience to a next level?
- Are you ready for bass drums that will translocate your ears?
- Always wanted to manipulate your drumsounds with realtime effects?
- Tired of miking out your gear?

Then we have good news for you!
Beer percussion presents: "The Lapdrum".
This compact size lap percussion device is more than just a lap cajon.
Divided into two individual sections, the lapdrum is able to produce deep rich bass sounds as well as snappy snares, and more!
Each spot on the drumming surface has its unique sound. From bongo to conga a-like. By knocking on the sides you will be able to produce woodblock sounds.

The secret of all these features packed in this lap size box is....... Amplification! Just plug it in your p.a. system or bass amp and you're ready to go.
Still want more? Just plug in your loop station and stompbox effects. And if even that is not enough, you can always hook it up with Logic Pro Mainstage for unlimited possibilities.

Check out this video and see for yourself.
€ 249,-
Incl. VAT
excl.  post & packaging